1denim is the child of a long-standing heritage of denim manufacturing in the city of Los Angeles, the denim capital of the world. 1denim is constructed in its own factory allowing for more candid pricing for quality denim. 1denim understands the timeless demand for good denim that fits and feels like your second skin. Using fit, wash, and fabrication, 1denim cohesively brings its customers authentic, everyday denim.


Birthed in Los Angeles, 3VERY (pronounced EVERY) is a 21st century knitwear brand for 3VERYONE. 3VERY’s cashmere collection captures the blend between modern appeal and everyday excellence, evoking a spirit of cozy nostalgia in 3VERY last detail. 3VERY's mission is to amplify opportunity and inspiration through democratic, high-quality fashion.

Alexa Stone

Why be weighed down by lugging along your whole world? We can be happier with less – feel freer with less. Of course, there is a time and place for that amazing designer handbag and, of course, sometimes you’ll need that whole first aid kit with you, but rarely. Sometimes (most of the time) you just need a pocket. Welcome to Alexa Stone where freedom is hands free.


AMADI is a women's contemporary brand that believes in supporting a community of hard working and ethical Los Angeles workers. Designing and producing beautiful, high quality unique fashion is our passion. Made using rich fabrics with easy care finishes, Amadi’s effortless garments are for the well-traveled woman whose personal style exemplifies her easy-going, yet fashion-forward approach to clothing.

American Fitness Couture

American Fitness Couture is an ethical, eco-smart, premium activewear company for women by women. Dreamed and made in L.A. Our beliefs run deep.  We pay attention to women’s core values when purchasing products-feeling nurtured, beautiful, valued, and heard. We innovate and create exceptional products to meet their ever changing needs for exceptional workout wear.

Carmen Sol

Making headlines in the affordable luxury fashion industry, Carmen Sol's line of weatherproof jelly bags and accessories is creating quite a buzz. Designed in NYC and made in Italy, these rose scented jelly bags are a must have in any woman's closet.  Carmel Sol is eco-chic and a brand about Love, Happiness and Giving. From product to packaging (includes dust bag), Carmen Sol's ethos is eco-conscious.

Charlene K

Teong Kay and his wife Gigi named Charlene K after their daughter “to celebrate life, beauty, and womanhood in all its glory”. Their beautiful jewelry aims to help women exude confidence and femininity. Luxurious, modern pieces are handmade with quality materials and classic detail and are almost entirely produced in Los Angeles with 14K gold and rose gold over sterling silver, sterling silver and semiprecious, precious and rare stones.

DIFF Eyewear

DIFF Eyewear wants everyone to prosper. Using affordable, high-quality eyewear as a means to empower people locally and globally, DIFF's mission is to use fashion as a force for good. BUY ONE GIVE ONE. For every pair of glasses purchased another goes to someone in need.

EIGHT tees

EIGHT tees combines top quality, smooth-as-silk, high-quality cotton sateen knit that looks and feels like the ultimate in luxury with colours inspired by nature and the sea.


Flaca Jewelry is a handmade, elevated and thoughtfully designed jewelry brand. Founded to empower the independence of women by inspiring uniqueness in New York City in 2014, Amy Shepsman, the founder and designer, is devoted to the ethos of Flaca Jewelry: create accessible luxury for all women.

Fresha London

Fresha London is a brand dedicated to empowering women through style. Their line fuses soft, comfortable fabrics with beautiful digital prints to create looks that stand out from the crowd. Inspired by british contemporary fashion, Fresha London is a London based, fit flattering, printed collection designed by Chidem Mokan. The collection focuses on great dresses and jumpsuits.

Given Kale

Given Kale is a contemporary apparel brand based in New York City. We believe in a polished, inviting, and comfortable aesthetic for all contemporary women. Given Kale excels in creating a timeless lifestyle brand that focus on details, touchable fabrics and benchmark quality.

Helene Thomas

Whether your style is contemporary, Bohemian, preppy, chic, trendy or classic, I hope that you find some pieces that speak to you, and that you will choose something from Helene Jewelry to help you elevate your everyday style. While I value high quality, unique pieces, I firmly believe that unless it's gold, silver, diamonds, or couture, it should be affordable. – Helene Thomas

Hips Sister

hipS-sister was born from an idea Sonia Kanner, a single mom of 3 beautiful children, had one day while on a hike. Living life hands free isn't just about having a product that holds small personal items discreetly, comfortably, and fashionably. It's about freeing yourself from all things that hold you back from living your best life. It's about letting go of the past and living in the now. It's about finding the courage to love yourself as you are, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, and discovering your true purpose.

I Love Tyler Madison

When company founders Jacqueline Harris and Charna Zucker rescued their two pups, Tyler and Madison, they thought they had much to teach these neglected pups. Little did they know, the opposite would happen. I Love Tyler Madison is a brand that stands for true acceptance, self love and self worth. The special feeling of being unconditionally adored by Tyler and Madison was how the company was named. ILTM wants women to feel as good as they can in their clothes, embracing their uniqueness along the way. The same pair of pants can look completely different on five different girls-and we love this. This is one of the reasons that our pants are pull on. We don't want girls to stress over something as silly as the top button challenge. Just pull on our slimming, easy to wear pants and you are good to go.

Jessica Elliot

Jessica’s inspiration comes from her love for vintage glam, traveling the world, and living in beautiful and diverse Los Angeles. She crafts an incredibly versatile collection of jewelry embracing chic edgy femininity and wearability. Made with superior hand craftsmanship, her accessories embody effortless Los Angeles glamour, joining a playful attitude with modern edge.

Joy Dravecky

Her timeless work combines organic materials such as rough-cut, semi-precious stones paired with gold-filled metal, oxidized silver or vintage brass. Her stunning jewelry collections are a reflection of that philosophy, with pieces that are equally as gorgeous with a pair of faded jeans and flip-flops as they are with a little black dress and heels.

Kaden Love

Kaden Love jewelry is artistically designed and handmade in sunny Santa Monica, California. Each piece showcases the designer’s refined vision through her interpretation of vintage jewelry, gemstone colors, and architecture forms. Through fine craftsmanship and creativity, Kaden Love possesses a timeless quality with a feminine and romantic sentiment. Each collection is artistically designed for every woman to express her style in endless ways.


Karama nurtures artisan relationships, champions small business development, provide access to a global marketplace.  Additionally, Karama invests in African teens through Young Life Africa camp sponsorships. Our Vision is To live in a world where poverty is overcome through dignified work, so families and communities can thrive.

Kim White

Kim White’s leather handbags and belts are all handmade from vintage materials intended for use in American automobiles. Each item is tagged with the year and make of the material so you know what car yours came from (it could be a 1983 Camaro or a 1978 Mustang). How Cool – using materials that had no home – repurposed into timeless, durable designs and all handmade in America. Kim’s design sense and craftsmanship harken back to a time when the beauty was in the details.

Knot Sisters

Named after their constant confusion for sisters, original creators Jamie Reese and Cheryl Brubaker launched their first line of “Knot Sisters” in 2012. Blending west coast ease and east coast edge, the brand is synonymous for pairing feminine styling with masculine elements to create styles that are made to mix and match! Knot Sisters has grown to represent more than just clothing.  It represents the friendship, connection, and bonds that are built between women…even if they are Knot Sisters.

Lisa’s Creations

Lisa's Creations has grown from a part time hobby into a full time business, including a web store, home jewelry parties, and summers filled with art festivals around the Pacific Northwest. Lisa transforms silver, copper, brass and stones into art using precious metal clay, metal sheet and wire, chain, silk, leather, tools and imagination. She continually explores new ways to change metals and incorporate color, texture, and emotion into her designs.

Lola Denim

Lola Jeans are designed for women of all shapes and sizes. From our flawless fit to our 4-way stretch fabric technology, we’re on a mission to shift the status quo. Whether you’re a soccer mom or a denim enthusiast, you will look and feel your best in your Lola’s.

Lumie & Junie

This contemporary fashion company brings the Lumie brand to life focusing on high-fashion impactful statement tops. They are showstoppers and cover day and casual into fun nights out. The Junie collection takes casual to a whole new level with embellishments and comfort for the woman who wants to hit the street looking put together.


Our dream was to create a brand from scratch, which is different and stronger simply because Nümph sums up our experiences and creativity: cutting edge, twisted, feminine and rough, vulnerable and strong. We make clothes- it’s our passion!

Onna Ehrlich

The Onna Ehrlich accessories collection is classic and modern. Influenced by California sophistication and Onna’s Nigerian heritage, the collection is designed for the busy woman who appreciates quality. The bags are homemade and fine jewelry collection is produced from conflict-free diamonds, gemstones and precious metals.

Pei Pei Sews

Being part of the modern handmade society, Pei Li never fails to deliver freshly handmade clothing with graceful, elegant silhouettes in her studio. With the scrap fabric left over from cutting, Pei Li makes dog toys to donate to local dog shelters in order make their stay as enjoyable as possible.


Pepaloves is a Spain-based fashion brand, offering the latest street style and vintage-inspired designs in women’s clothing and accessories. At Pepaloves we do not use any materials with animal origin (leather, wool, silk or down).

Re Vava

Re Vava removed the old ways and reinvented new ones. First, as individuals and then together; as a team, we reflected and looked within. Some called it a storm, but we saw the rainbow. And in this process, a rebirth emerged. Re Vava.

Romeo and Juliet Couture

Romeo and Juliet is recognized for its contemporary clothing design that exudes a chic, easy elegance with a tenor of vibrant artistry. Romeo and Juliet is a refined and stylish personality that appeals to an assertive, confident woman. Our signature label is an imaginative blend of daring and sophistication to create an expression of fresh, unrestricted style that defines aesthetic indulgence.

Sara Boo

Sara Boo is the go-to destination for chic and contemporary fashion. The brand evokes a mindset, an attitude, not an age. Designed for the confident, sexy, modern woman. You’ll find the latest on-trend looks and women’s designer clothing at affordable prices. We LUV that Sara Boo is run right in our back yard in San Diego by Luiza


SPARKZ, part of the Danish fashion scene, is based in the heart of Copenhagen, where the pulse is racing and designers find much of their inspiration for the Scandinavian signature. SPARKZ developed into a true adventure with four annual ready-to-wear collections for women seeking inspiration, challenges, independence and style.

Rock of Style

Beautiful handmade unique jewelry.  Every stone has individual healing qualities that vary from helping to expand consciousness to facilitating open communication and stimulating the chakras.  The Rock of Style collection is made in the USA and each piece of gemstone jewelry will introduce you to their deepest metaphysical purposes and healing powers.

Therese Patek

Being interested in the fashion industry, designer Therese Patek began traveling extensively and modeling in Paris, Milan, Madrid, Japan and the United States. She then designed and made her own leather handbag line.  Her bags are made in the USA and in small batches with only the highest quality materials.  Therese Patek Bags are designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind.  

Stacy Sterling

Stacy Sterling began designing jewelry in 2004.  She was always in search of that perfect accessory in order to express her style.  When she took fashion matters into her own hands and created a look that was truly all her own, fashionistas took notice of her earthy meets boho-chic style! Every piece is handmade with LOVE in Colorado, USA.


Inspired by the effortless styles worn on the cobblestone streets of Italy, VANELi was founded on the belief that every woman deserves the perfect fit and comfort in every step – without ever having to sacrifice looking her very best.


Elizabeth Woll’s WOLL jewelry line is so high-style, fun and just wants to make you smile – like her! She aims to create covetable, well-made pieces of jewelry that are fun and whimsical. Each piece is a small work of art designed by Elizabeth and made right in her studio in The Mission District of San Francisco.

Woven Heart

Woven Heart’s seasonal collections are for the creative, confident woman with a youthful spirit. Kathy’s curated collection of contemporary, cozy sweaters and beautiful cover-ups are inspired by her adventurous wanderlust travels and modern lifestyle.  


Q & A is a woven collection of beautiful prints and silhouettes in tops, bottoms and dresses. The Q & A girl is confident and has a contemporary feminine edge.  We currently do business with Lulu's, Bloomingdales and Anthropologie and key specialty stores across the country. Q & A has very strong capabilities for production and most important we own and develop all our prints.