Grit, Growth, Gratitude and God

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There was a point in time when I wouldn’t have thought this was possible. Now, I know absolutely anything is possible. Our power to be happy and create a life that is purposeful and filled with people that share our values is limitless…..yes, truly limitless. With some Grit, a constant commitment to Growth, ongoing Gratitude and a little help from God we can all achieve our wildest dreams. I would argue that the only thing that limits us is not dreaming big enough.

LUVVUL is starting small, intimately with friends, and friends-of-friends and people who share our vision. We have big plans, gigantic in fact….the kind that change the way people think, feel and shop. We are providing a platform that allows all of our partners freedom and encourages creativity and choice. It’s going to be fun…it already is. Our first photo shoot is just one small example of how something can happen from nothing. Here are some behind the scenes pics of our LUVVULy crew and talent who helped make this all happen. Oh, and we wrapped with a POP of bubbly from our good friend and colleague, Heather Kelly, who represents the amazing One Hope winery through


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