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It is magical to LUV your work. Truly I have never felt like work is work….and if I do then it’s time to explore something else, make a change, to be sure that days are spent feeling the magic of life. From February 12-February 14 I attended Magic – the huge fashion industry tradeshow held twice a year in Las Vegas. I’ve attended many times as a Buyer, Executive and on the wholesale side. Magic is chaos. Magic is inspiring. Magic is work. It’s boots-to-the-ground kind of work walking and talking and understanding what each brand brings to the table. Plus, I was explaining our unique business model (which had an overwhelmingly positive response) so people were getting to know us. There was a lot of LUV and acceptance and commitment between LUVVUL and the brands that we will represent (to be announced soon). But, the real Magic of this trip was working with two friends. My friends, Jackie and Kelley attended the show with me and they were AWESOME! I couldn’t have done it without them. They represented LUVVUL as an inspired team…..and we had a lot of fun.


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