Stylists Stories

Melissa Mel

Meet Mel, shopper turned model turned stylist! Mel enjoys experimenting with trends and putting her own intense spin on styles. Mel’s mantra is “There’s no such thing as overdressed”. Above all, Mel values curve hugging comfort and wants you to feel good in what you wear.


Anna Neimark

Anna Neimark is a LUVVUL founding stylist and she would tell you why over a good taco! Anna loves great food and when you have lunch with her you can guarantee she will be impeccably dressed exuding that inner strength that is her style. Anna had a banner year in 2018 from styling magazine covers to inspiring young women with her presentations. She followed her passion and left her life as an engineer four years ago to make her mark on the world. Let her help you fully align your style with how you show up in the world.

Alyssa Pietrosanto

Meet Amazing Alyssa Pietrosanto! A native New Yorker transplanted to San Diego, Alyssa runs on coffee and wine. While simultaneously being a Social Media Manager and fashion blogger, her mantra is hard work and happiness. Her fashion advice: Invest in classic and versatile pieces, and add inexpensive trendy pieces to keep your wardrobe up to date.

Kara Reis

Kara Reis, a San Diego native is walkin' on sunshine and rainbows and lollipops! Kara's mantras are to live a colorful life, be happy, and be yourself! After playing collegiate volleyball at Fairfield University in Connecticut, Kara's heartstrings pulled her back home and we are thrilled that she did! Her dream is to make fashion influencing a career and LUVVUL is thrilled to be with her on that journey.

Jennifer Servais

Jennifer is a native of France with a passion for ballet, she loves to travel around the world and has an adventurous spirit. She enjoys meeting new people and learning new things. With a keen eye for fashion, we are thrilled to have Jennifer as a LUVVUL founding stylist.

Lyndsay Camins

Meet Lyndsay Camins…stylist, hockey mom, home cook, writer, yogi, and that’s just on a Monday morning! If your on the go lifestyle is leaving your wardrobe neglected, she’s got you! Let her take the guesswork out of your styling challenges so you can focus on everything else.

Jessica Bailey

Jessica is a spunky gal from a small suburb on the outskirts of Los Angeles. She loves to document all things fashion, beauty, home decor, and wedding (happily married 7/7/18). Although born with expensive taste, Jess doesn’t like to break the bank so you can expect a lot of affordable items with a splash of bouge. After securing high level degrees in sociology, sports management, and leadership practices, in 2017, she left it all behind to pursue fashion and blogging. In just one year of blogging, she has created a name and brand for herself,  having worked with numerous notable companies and fashion designer brands.

Alyssa Larson

Meet Alyssa Larson, a Phoenix, Arizona native living in her dream city-San Diego! Alyssa works as a sales rep for Dita Eyewear, but her true passions are fashion, fitness, and the beach. Alyssa would like to inspire you to express yourself through whatever makes you happy!

Hailie Lane

Meet Hailie Lane, born and raised in New York, but now residing in sunny San Diego. Hailie is a sassy rule breaker with a passion for fashion, beauty, and life. She wants to inspire women to always be themselves. She can’t wait for you to follow along on her journey.

Tiffany Williams

Glitz and Glam is only part of being a model….Tiffany Williams has set out to show the behind the scenes grit and hard work that also comes with modeling. She believes that anything is possible if you believe in your process and journey. She also wants to show other women that you can be beautiful in your own way. It is ok to be different and to love yourself for the things that God has given to you. Finally, she wants to be a role model for younger models by sharing her journey! We feel blessed to have Tiffany join us in the LUVVULUTION.

Rhylae McClelland

Rhylae is one of those women who lights up a room with her smile…and it’s for real! Rhylae’s motto is “count your life in smiles, not years”. As a LUVVUL founding stylist, she has brought more joy to our team than we could hope for. Rhylae’s optimistic view on life shines through in the way she styles herself and she is excited about styling you too!

Ruby Keyvani

Meet Ruby Keyvani, a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in San Diego! After graduating from UCSD with aspirations of a career in medicine, Ruby decided to pursue her creative side by starting an Instagram blog, which eventually turned into a full blown website. All in a year’s time! She always had that “something special” and was a personal stylist for those around her, so she decided to share her talent with the world.

Kimmy Nguyen

Kimmy moved to San Diego just two short years ago, which is the same time she started her blog. She has a passion for styling and helping people grow their business through social media. In her spare time, Kimmy loves to travel and explore the world around her.

Heather Hilton

Meet Heather Hilton, mother to doggie and son. Heather is a San Diego native who loves the ocean, outdoors and travel. Her passion for fashion started at a young age, always playing dress up and putting on performances. Her Gemini nature gives her a very eclectic palette. She is inspired by many fashion styles and different world cultures inspire her wardrobe choices.

Grace Grissom

Meet Grace Grissom from sunny San Diego, CA. Grace is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer. She started working at Nordstrom as a personal stylist and then went on to pursue her own career as an influencer! Everyone’s style and body is different. Her goal is to make you feel great in your own body by rocking that perfect outfit for a date night or vacation. She looks forward to connecting with you and helping you style your next outfit!

Ashley Renee

Meet Ashley Renee, 30 years old from San Diego! After attending a workshop in Atlanta, Georgia in 2014 and experiencing her first photo shoot and working with celebrity stylist Shun Melson, she fell in love with the fashion industry. As a wardrobe stylist, she specializes in personal styling, closet revamps, creative directing, and image consultations. The most rewarding part of being a wardrobe stylist is being able to watch a client glow after working with them. Most people like what they do, but to be able to say that she has found her purpose and loves what she does… has been the BEST part of this journey for Ashley!

Mimi Warren

Mimi believes that fashion is a great way to express who you are and who you want to be.  She loves helping people find unique items that make them feel like whatever they want to feel: a queen, a boss, a stylish mom, a fashionable athlete, a sexy woman, a supermodel, a feminine angel. Whatever your budget, she'll make sure to create looks that accommodate your lifestyle and special moments. Stephanie started gaining an interest in styling 8 yrs ago. She has been heavy into commercial modeling and acting and one part of that world few are aware of is that the model/actress provides their own wardrobe for most of the part. Playing different characters on screen and making style choices has helped her tremendously in styling others aesthetics. No matter your personality, she’s got a style for you to make you feel like your best self!

Jenna Green

Jenna Green is a thirty something social media manager and Classic Connector Stylist with a vibrant yet casual style who loves fashion that works for everyday life. She’s an outspoken advocate for invisible illnesses and a Multiple Sclerosis warrior who is always looking for gorgeous clothes that are also comfortable and functional. She loves trying bold trends and mixing them with her favorite basics. Jenna lives outside of Boston with her husband and her rescue dog.